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I’m Worried About Mum was set up by Sally Smith, an Independent Social Worker with over 25 years’ experience. With Sally’s wealth of knowledge, love of supporting families caring for their older loved ones, and desire to help people live happier and more fulfilled lives, she has helped hundreds of families find more appropriate care solutions.

IWAM aims to not only support individual, privately funded families with their care questions and needs but also connects carers through local support groups and champions local businesses through it’s care directory.

Support, advice and information

Independent social work support will provide all the necessary advice and help to create a plan for the future.

Navigating the social care system

The social care system is often full of jargon and can be complex when it comes to form completion and understanding the options. We can help you to make sense of what is needed and guide you through the choices available.

Finding the right care

Your independent social worker will assess your loved ones care and support needs and look at the range of care options to keep them living as independently, and safely, as possible at home. 

Attendance Allowance claims

Attendance Allowance is a benefit paid by the government to those who need support when it comes to your care.

Who can we help?

We can help everyone who is worried about their ageing relative, that could be mum (or dad, brother, wife and anyone else) and needs support with managing their care.

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