Everybody deserves a good quality of life

Caring for people is in my blood

“I’m an Independent Social Worker with 20 years experience working with older people and adults in Cheshire and I want to help you.”

Sally Smith, Independent Social Worker

BA (Hons), DipSW, MBASW, HCPC Reg

About Sally

I’m Sally, an independent registered social worker and a dementia champion for the Alzheimer’s Society with over 20 years’ experience in supporting older people, vulnerable adults and their families to access the social care system directly and immediately.

Caring for others is ingrained in my DNA and I’ve always wanted to make a positive difference in people’s lives by helping them to feel appreciated and not alone. I volunteered from the age of 15, working with children with physical disabilities and my compassionate instinct has always been with me.

I work across Cheshire and the North West but with the wonders of today’s communication methods I can offer online and remote support nationwide if needed.

Why choose an independent social worker?

An independent social worker will offer support without suitability testing or waiting lists delays or medical referral documentation.


You can access support immediately regardless of age, disability or location. I’m here to offer a friendly voice at the end of the phone or to assist you in a face-to-face setting that ensures you and your loved one can navigate the social care system.

Why choose I’m Worried About Mum?

I have been the main carer for members of my own family and I really do understand the emotional impact this has on everyone involved.

Over my career I’ve supported 100s of families who are ‘worried about their mum’ in negotiating the care system to find the best possible support for their loved one, but I often felt that there was more I could offer.

I launched I’m Worried About Mum in 2017 as a new way to offer professional social work skills through emotional, practical and community support for families and later life advisors, such as solicitors, IFAs, mortgage advisers or care providers. My approach is honest and compassionate.

Care Advice
Independent Social Worker

Values as an independent social worker

My ultimate goal is to enhance your life and your mum’s by reducing uncertainty and worry when faced with problems in a crisis.

    • Emotional support is backed up with practical action and trustworthy advice
    • Older life is about growth and new opportunities
    • Value, respect and support is paramount to living the life you want to live
    • Everyone’s life needs to have a meaning, purpose and sense of belonging.