Feeling overwhelmed with the social care system?

independent social worker

Gain the support needed for loved ones with learning difficulties and disabilities

Many people fail to ask for help and often struggle alone when looking after an elderly parent or loved one whose health is deteriorating and when their needs become more demanding.

When you are responsible for someone’s care you can feel overwhelmed and it’s difficult to accept mortality, especially when it concerns somebody you love dearly. I understand how this feels because I‘ve been there, having looked after my own family and from a career of over 20 years’ in the field of social work.


Independent social work support can relieve the caring responsibility

Juggling work and caring for your children is challenging but when you also need to look after an older dependent or aging parent it can be difficult and emotional, even more so when your loved one suffers from learning disabilities.

It can be difficult to find the right support whether it’s practical, social or emotional, but access to high-quality advice shouldn’t be bound by red tape, endless checks and lengthy waiting lists.

I’m Worried About Mum offers impartial social work expertise that is completely independent of local authorities and easily accessible in a crisis.

Specialised support for vulnerable adults

Independent social work support will help you take control of your own life whilst supporting your loved one to maintain their autonomy for as long as possible with care in the home and assistance with contingency planning, respite and later life support.

    • Help with washing, cooking and cleaning
    • Advice for modifications around the home and care aids
    • Assistance with trades and utilities
    • Support to find a diagnosis, medication and facilities

Independent professional social work services

Appropriate assessment and advice

Working directly with the families of older people and vulnerable adults to navigate the social care system, I’m Worried About Mum’s social work service begins with an assessment of the current situation and the needs of your loved one.

Following the appraisal, I will advise you of the best possible solution and options for everyone involved that is in line with social work values and existing legislation.

It’s often frustrating and worrying to know which way to turn in a crisis or when planning for the future. Getting the right support and at the right time is crucial to enhancing later life and when generations live apart, or an unexpected emergency arises, it helps to have a plan in place.

If you want to ensure the gold standard of care for your loved one so that their individual learning difficulties or disability needs are assessed and addressed appropriately, please contact me today.

Call 07923 184316 or send an email below to discuss how to access a supportive independent social work service.

“… we should have called you sooner. 

Your report has provided my dad, in particular, with some much-needed external validation, and highlighted or confirmed some other issues which we need to deal with. 

That you included the need for overnight support, to relive my dad, was a highlight for me …I would wholeheartedly recommend your service to anyone in a similar situation and we’d be happy to offer testimonial.