An advocate to give people a voice

independent social worker

Balance your own needs and life with that of your loved one

I’m Worried About Mum provides professional social work and acts as your advocate, and for the loved ones you care for dearly, by giving you a voice so that you stay in control and have a choice about the support they receive.


Are you uncertain about how to help your loved one?

When you are responsible for a parent or partner’s care (or any extended family member or lifelong friend) you can feel overwhelmed and alone. Wanting to ensure the gold standard of care can be worrying and often frustrating. It’s difficult to know who you can turn in a crisis or when you are making plans for their future. Getting the right support at this time is key.

As an independent social worker, I offer advice and information that is specific to your circumstances. Tailored support will provide the level of support you need and help you to find the right solutions for ‘mum’ whether it’s looking at care options, finding the right residential home care, looking at eligibility for benefits such as attendance allowance or organising companionship for your mum in the home or socially.

How do you get the care your loved one needs?

The social care system is complex, under-resourced and in high demand, so where do you start?

You can trust me to ask the right questions when required and to be the voice of reason in difficult conversations with the powers that be and your loved ones. I stand up for you and challenge social services or NHS decisions to make sure you aren’t being fobbed off and maintain control.

There’s no need to liaise directly with the council or other third-party organisations because I will handle this for you to ease the pressure.


Independent professional social work services

Whether you need guidance on completing forms, accessing funding, help with medication or simply organising a local gardener, my services are 100% personalised to what is required.

• Immediate access to high-quality advice
• Finding in-home care or residential accommodation
• Sourcing home living support, transport and social activities
• Planning for future care, contingencies and crisis support
• Completing risk assessments and independent social work assessments of care and support needs or mental capacity
• Signposting legal and financial support
• Social and health care professional liaison

The social care system is often full of jargon and can be complex when it comes to form completion and understanding the options. I can help you to make sense of what is needed and guide you through the choices available.

When you’re ‘worried about mum’ and think you need help but don’t know where to start, seek professional social work advice from an honest and compassionate helping hand.

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“I am very grateful for the help you have given me. You gave me the confidence to overcome obstacles and it was great to know you were there if I needed you.”