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When you are responsible for a parent or partner’s care (or any extended family member or lifelong friend) you can feel overwhelmed and alone. Wanting to ensure the gold standard of care can be worrying and often frustrating. It’s difficult to know who you can turn to in a crisis or when you are making plans for their future. Getting the right support at this time is key.

As Independent Social Workers, we offer advice and information that is specific to your circumstances. Tailored support will provide the level of support you need and help you to find the right solutions for ‘mum’ whether it’s looking at care options, finding the right residential home care, looking at eligibility for benefits such as attendance allowance or organising companionship for your mum in the home or socially.

We provide Independent Social Care advice and support for self funding families. If you’re loved one is paying the full costs of their care themselves, they are known as a ‘self-funder.’ They are entitled to statutory benefits such as Attendance Allowance but do not receive direct funding support from their local council.

What our clients have said about working with us …

Initial Assessment

A one hour initial assessment consultation gives you the opportunity to explain more about your circumstances and the concerns you have about your loved one, or issues you are having with social services. The time is yours to ask any questions or concerns, and for your Independent Social Worker to see how best to support you.

By the end of the initial assessment, typically clients will have a better understanding of the social care system and how self funders can navigate it, know how best to communicate with social workers, and an action plan of what needs to happen. Clients say that they feel more in control after the session, and more knowledgeable about the options open to them.

This can be face to face in your home, or online if you find this to be more convenient or live abroad.

Support, advice and information

Independent social work support will provide all the necessary advice and help to create a plan for the future.

Navigating the social care system

The social care system is often full of jargon and can be complex when it comes to form completion and understanding the options. We can help you to make sense of what is needed and guide you through the choices available.

Finding the right care

Your independent social worker will assess your loved ones care and support needs and look at the range of care options to keep them living as independently, and safely, as possible at home. 

Attendance Allowance claims

Attendance Allowance is a benefit paid by the government to those who need support when it comes to your care.

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If you need some practical advice and support when it comes to caring for your loved ones, or simply have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. We would love to help.